About Us

The houses of the Lower Austrian Youth Hostel Association promote quality-conscious, socially responsible and environmentally friendly tourism. Human encounters are always at the heart of our work.

State office

The regional office of the Lower Austrian Youth Hostel Association is located on the premises of the Junge Hotel Tulln.

The five young hotels of the Lower Austrian Youth Hostel Association in Annaberg, Bad Großpertholz, Drosendorf, Melk and Tulln are managed from there. The staff at our headquarters are happy to provide information about all matters relating to the youth hostel system.

You can request information material about the five young hotels in Lower Austria from the office. Groups, clubs and schools as well as individual travelers will receive excellent advice here and can choose from various program offerings.

Our employees in the state office

CEO Albert van Veen
MMag. Sandra Dietl
Christine Zahnt


Lower Austria Youth Hostel Association
Marc Aurel Park 1, 3430 Tulln

T 02272 651 65 F -4
E office@noejhw.at

The Union

… fördert den qualitätsbewussten, sozialverantwortlichen und umweltverträglichen Tourismus

… stellt die menschliche Begegnung in den Mittelpunkt seiner Tätigkeit

… ist eine gemeinnützige Nonprofit-Organisation, die sich zum Ziel setzt, angemessene wirtschaftliche Ergebnisse zu erzielen, um den Fortbestand der Organisation zu sichern

… ist eine der wichtigsten jugend- und familientouristischen Einrichtungen in Niederösterreich.

Principles and goals

The focus of our work is people, especially young people.

Traveling means, among other things, the search for adventure, borderline experiences, self-awareness, encounters, relaxation, breaking away from everyday life, freedom, expanding one's intellectual horizons, and getting to know other cultures and peoples.

We recognize the equality of all people in their essence and dignity in the awareness of their diversity.

The Lower Austrian Youth Hostel Association is part of the international hostel network and offers travelers secure and affordable accommodation. The guidelines for designing our hostels are the needs of traveling people.

Our five houses are open to all travelers, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, class or political opinion.

Youth hostels are places where young people from different nations meet. This should provide the opportunity to encounter other cultures and get to know them in order to reduce prejudices and achieve greater tolerance.

The employees of the hostel are the most important mediators of the goals of the youth hostel, they ensure that they are achieved and provide information about coexistence in the youth hostel.